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Perseverance, Racism, And Faith With Harnarayan Singh

  The story of how Harnarayan Singh became a nationally broadcast NHL play-by-play announcer is the stuff of legend. From dealing with outright racism as a kid, to sleeping on airport benches, to calling games on the most famous television show in Canada – Hockey Night in Canada… his story will inspire you to do […]

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James Spina, Eyewear Icon And Former Editor In Chief Of 20/20 Magazine

  A lot of interesting developments in the eyewear industry wouldn’t have come to the forefront if not for incredible initiatives like the Vision Expo. Thanks to the individuals who make it possible, the whole space is being democratized by giving all players big and small a chance to showcase their latest innovations. In this […]

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Invest In Yourself And Specialize – Dr. Anith Pillai

  Success begins with investing in yourself and specializing in your craft. In this episode, we have Dr. Anith Pillai, owner of Evolutionary Eye Care, to discuss the importance of investing in oneself and the power of specialization. Dr. Pillai highlights the importance of mentorship, smart work, and strategic planning for achieving professional success through […]

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From Humble Beginnings To The Traveling OD – Dr. Will To

  Almost all of us in the profession only ever get the chance to travel years down in our careers. As soon as we have our clinic, we are most likely going to get tied down to it and that wish for traveling gets put behind us. Our guest did things in reverse, earning him […]

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Episode 133 – From Vision Therapy Skeptic To Expert – Dr. Cameron McCrodan

  This episode is more than just a heartwarming chronicle of success stories. It offers a captivating glimpse into Dr. Cameron McCrodan’s unique perspective. He demonstrates how optimized vision can be a powerful tool for combating learning disabilities, head trauma, and even the dark depths of suicidal ideation. With his engineering background at its core, […]

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Episode 132 – The YOUNGEST CEO In Casino Gaming – Andrew Burke

  What do slot machines have in common with the eye care industry? Andrew Burke, the CEO of Bluberi Gaming, shares his journey from working in private equity to helping build up a successful gaming company to now saving a smaller company from the brink of failure to making multiple millions in sales every year. […]

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Episode 131 – Dry Eye Deep Dive With Dr. Claudine Courey

  In the previous episode of this three-part series, we talked about entrepreneurship, Claudine’s journey, and beauty products. But today, it will be different. Dr. Claudine Courey is a bona fide dry eye expert. Through working in an OD/MD specialty practice, utilizing the latest technology, and even selling dry eye products on her website,, […]

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Episode 130 – Becoming An Eyecare Icon – Dr. Paul Karpecki 

  Dr. Paul Karpecki may well be the most recognizable name in optometry. Throughout his career, he has established himself as a clinical expert in dry eye and ocular surface disease. Dr. Karpecki runs one of the largest dry eye clinics in North America and is the chief clinical editor for Review of Optometry and […]

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Episode 128 – One Child At A Time – Simon Robert And Dr. Patrick Simard

  Visionary care isn’t just about sight today; it’s about shaping a clearer, brighter future, one child’s eyes at a time. In today’s third and final installment of our series on myopia management sponsored by EssilorLuxottica, we have Simon Robert, the Senior Director of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, and Dr. Patrick Simard, private practice […]

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