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2022 Speaking Engagements

2022 was an eventful year, and I got the opportunity to attend and speak at the following events across North America:

  • Vision Expo East – New York
  • EyeRecommend NTE West – Victoria
  • BC Doctor’s of Optometry – Vancouver
  • Transitions Academy – Orlando
  • Optometric Management Symposium – Orlando
  • AOA Optometry’s Meeting – Chicago
  • Vision Expo West – Las Vegas
  • Alberta Optometric Association – Edmonton

2023 Speaking Engagements

2023 is shaping up to be just as exciting as I continue to travel across North America and attend or speak at the following events:

  • January 9-11 – The Vision Council Executive Summit, Austin TX
  • March 16-19 – Vision Expo East, New York
  • April 13-14 – Manitoba Association of Optometry, Winnipeg
  • May 12-14 – BC Doctors of Optometry, Vancouver
  • May – Transitions Academy
  • July 5-8 – Canadian Association of Optometry Congress, Quebec City
  • September 10-15 – ALL DOCS, Sulfur Springs WV
  • October 20-22 – Alberta Association of Optometry, Edmonton
  • November – Optometric Management Symposium, Orlando

Sharing the World of Optometry

I’m always open to securing new opportunities and speaking engagements to push the optometry community forward. Contact me so we can continue innovating on eye care events across North America.

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