Chiasma [kahy-az-muh]

Chiasma is the place where 2 structures or 2 lines of thought intersect.

In biology, it is where 2 chromosomes attach and exchange genetic material. In anatomy, it is where the optic nerves from 2 eyes cross inside the brain. In literature, it is when 2 ideas meet and create conceptual combinations.

And here… it is where passion for eye care and a love of philosophy come together.

In the fourth installment of CHIASMA, Dr. Sian reminds us that the choices we make today are not about now… they’re about who we will be.
The second instalment of CHIASMA. Its all about gratitude.
The third installment of CHIASMA is called “Children”.
“It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults” – Frederick Douglas. 
The first video in the CHIASMA series: The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul.

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