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Episode 109 – Myopia Management EXPERT – Dr. Devan Trischuk

  In the second installment of this myopia management series sponsored by Hoya Vision Care Canada, Dr. Devan Trischuk shares his EXPERT insights into how he built the myopia side of his busy optometry practice. In this episode, we dive deeper into treatment protocols and how to prescribe different forms of myopia management. If you’re […]

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Episode 107 – President And Vice President Of The Canadian Association Of Optometrists With Dr. Harry Bohnsack And Dr. Martin Spiro

  The 38th Congress of The Canadian Association of Optometrists convened in Quebec City last month. Harbir Sian had the opportunity to sit down for a conversation with outgoing President, Dr. Harry Bohnsack, and incoming President, Dr. Martin Spiro. In this short episode, Drs. Bohnsack and Spiro discuss the current initiatives the CAO is currently […]

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Episode 106 – Generative AI Applications In Eyecare With Keri Sculland

  With exciting new advances in generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, there is a world of new opportunities for us to explore. However, ECPs (and professionals in all industries) have been left wondering how exactly to apply these technologies to their day-to-day operations. Enter Keri Sculland. Keri is the Manager of Editing and Content Strategy […]

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