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What is it? – Pink eye (aka Viral Conjunctivitis) is a Viral infection of the thin outer covering of your eyeball – Symptoms include: redness, burning, watering, puffy/swollen eyelids (all can last 1-2 weeks) What causes Pink Eye? – It is most common during cold/flu season, usually a result of people touching their eyes after coughing or sneezing FAQ […]

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What are floaters? – There is a gel that takes up most of the space inside the eye called the Vitreous – The little dots or squiggly lines we see when looking at something bright (ex. a white wall) are areas of the vitreous that are slightly thicker thus casting shadows on the retina – Mostly […]

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Allergie – most obvious answer, but not necessarily most common – signs: swollen/puffy eyelids, watery eyes, bumps under eyelids (seen by your doctor), diffuse and more intense itch Blepharitis (blepharo- = eyelids, -itis= inflammation) – so, inflammation/irritation of eyelids, very common – could be due to mild bacterial infection or blockage of glands at the base […]

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There are multiple known factors that can contribute, including: – stress – lack of sleep or change in sleeping pattern – low calcium levels or other electrolyte imbalances – fatigue – dry eyes – caffeine – alcohol The medical term for eyelid twitching is Myokemia Treatment for eyelid twitching usually involves resolving the above factors. In […]

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The medical term for being near-sighted is Myopia The term near-sighted is used simply because myopes are able to see close objects more clearly than distant objects The most common reason for myopia is an increase in axial length (front to back) of the eye during childhood and teenage years Most commonly due to genetics and environmental factors (near work, spending […]

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