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What is a Stye? A stye is basically a blocked gland in the eyelid which becomes infected. Kind of like getting a pimple on the eyelid. Bacteria, skin cells, and oil can cause the blockage. The medical term for a stye is Hordeolum. They tend to be painful and they can be either internal or external. […]

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“Contrary to what some believe, a lazy eye is not one that doesn’t like to wake up and go to work in the morning.” – Anonymous Eye Doctor with a sense of humour The medical term for Lazy Eye is Amblyopia So why do eyes become lazy? The brain is very picky! When it is […]

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They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours… Soft contact lenses (SCL):These are the most common and they are disposable. This means that after wearing the lenses for a period of time, they are disposed of and a new, fresh pair is used Lenses can be monthly (ex. Air Optix, Frequency 55, Proclear, […]

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In my very first post I wrote a little about myopia, which is near-sightedness. Here we’ll discuss all the other “-opias” and “-isms” that can make your vision blurry. They are generally referred to as “refractive errors”. A quick review of Myopia. It is due the eye being longer than average. So, rather than an image […]

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This week’s topic is something I get asked almost everyday. Unfortunately, the answer is never as simple as it may seem. I will do my best to explain it here. Simple definition: 20/20 is the size of letter that the average person should be able to see when fully corrected (assuming that there are no visual opacities […]

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Almost everyone who has seen an Optometrist recently has had to endure the excruciating agony of a “gentle puff of air” to their eyes. But why?! Purpose: A screening test for glaucoma Measures the pressure inside your eyeball Increased pressure inside the eye can lead to glaucoma Technical term for the air puff is Non-Contact Tonometry FAQ:Q: […]

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Most people have heard of Rods and Cones in our eyes Cones are for color and Rods are for night vision There are 3 kinds of Cones: red, green, and blue Cones don’t actually sense color, they sense wavelengths of light and these are translated by the brain in to colors Its actually very rare for a person to be color “blind” […]

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What is it? – Pink eye (aka Viral Conjunctivitis) is a Viral infection of the thin outer covering of your eyeball – Symptoms include: redness, burning, watering, puffy/swollen eyelids (all can last 1-2 weeks) What causes Pink Eye? – It is most common during cold/flu season, usually a result of people touching their eyes after coughing or sneezing FAQ […]

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