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What is it?

– Pink eye (aka Viral Conjunctivitis) is a Viral infection of the thin outer covering of your eyeball

– Symptoms include: redness, burning, watering, puffy/swollen eyelids (all can last 1-2 weeks)

What causes Pink Eye?

– It is most common during cold/flu season, usually a result of people touching their eyes after coughing or sneezing

FAQ about Pink Eye:

Q: Can you get pink eye if someone farts on your pillow?

A: NO!

Q: Can you get pink eye if someone licks your face?

A: YES! (Sad, I actually had a patient with this concern)

Q: What is the best way to prevent it?

A: Wash your hands. And make sure nobody licks your face.


Written by Dr. Harbir Sian

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